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28 Disk


20 Disk Scrubber
20 Disk Scrubber

28 Disk Scrubber

Cleaning Path: 28in (71cm)

Solution Tank Capacity: Sol: 16gal (60L) Rec: 16gal (60L)

Run Time: Up to 3 hours

Reduce the cost to clean with the 20 Disk Scrubber. We’ve made consistent cleaning and being budget conscious our top priorities while delivering a durable floor scrubber that will last for years. Scrub brushes are installed and removed without tools to allow ease when switching between application’s needs. The squeegee blades can be rotated or flipped without tools. Ensure complete cleaning in a variety of sized applications with a reliable scrubber.

Power Scrub Deck Up / Down

In a class where most have manual deck lifting, our machines have powered actuators for operator ease.

Deck Images

Vacuum Protection and Easy Fill

vacuum protection and easy fill
  1. Screw Off Lid For Clean Out Port
  2. Recovery Splash Guards
  3. Stainless Float Ball Screen
  4. White Filter
  5. Fine Mesh Screen
  6. Easy Front Fill Port with Steel Basket and Faucet Fill Hose Extension

Vacuum Discharge Funnel

vacuum discharge funnel

Got Moisture?

If moister enters the vac motor it will be expelled via Blow By Discharge Hose immediately.

  1. Sound Absorbing Foam
  2. Vac Exhaust Muffler
  3. Molded In-Tank Funnel
  4. Blow By Discharge Hose

Off The Shelf Components

off the shelf components

Keep It Simple

No No expensive and proprietary membrane panels here. Our central command components are simply designed making service easier than ever. We build our boxes out of steel, maintaining the integrity of the components and the machine.

Quick Release Squeegee

Quick Release Squeegee

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